Uses and sources of harvested rainwater

Rainwater harvesting projects come in many flavorsoften involving two or more of the following uses for water collected from sources listed below:

Typical project use objectives for harvested roof or site water include:

  1. Landscape irrigation, fountains and runnels, landscape or interior water features, water sculpture
  2. Sewage Conveyance (toilet water supply), laundry facilities
  3. Cooling tower make-up water (evaporative systems)
  4. Vehicle and Fleet Washing, Automated Car washes
  5. Pool filling and general outdoor non-potable use
  6. Fire Protection
  7. Drinking waterwith proper water quality treatment and regulatory approval

Typical sources or catchment areas to harvest water from:

  1. Roof Water Run-off, including typical and vegetated (green) roof surfaces
  2. Site run-off, Terraces, Hardscape, playing fields and Turf Area Drains
  3. Foundation Underdrain and Sump Pump Effluent
  4. HVAC Condensate
  5. HVAC Blow-down effluent for chemical-free systems
  6. Vehicle Travel Surfaces (parking lots, driveways, etc.)may be limited by regulatory or technical requirements

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