Harvest Your Own Rainwater

Water for your garden, lawn area, or other outdoor water use — with a system that has the power and functionality just like a hose spigot. But with Garden Variety the water is harvested rainwater from your roof or other collection area.

A $1,500* System Includes:

  • Rainwater storage tank, 200 gallons (other sizes available — call for quote)
  • Internal 0.5 hp industrial-grade pump
  • Automatic pressure controller — nothing to turn on or off
  • Water meter — track how much water you save
  • Integrated inlet/overflow manifold with seasonal bypass for cold weather regions
  • Basic inlet filtration fabric
  • Manual covering installation, operations, and maintenance

Call Rainwater Recovery Inc. today to start saving one of nature's most valuable resources!

* Price excludes shipping and state tax, where applicable.

Potential uses include:

  • Lawn and garden watering and automatic irrigation systems
  • Vehicle washing
  • Low-yield well applications
  • Water features and pools
  • Emergency back-up supply/fire fighting
  • Cooling tower make-up water
  • Sanitary and laundry, subject to local ordinances
  • General non-potable outdoor use.

Optional Features

Each system comes complete with easy-to-install 4-step process instructions, and requires only a single downspout and a 115-Volt AC grounded outlet to operate.

Note that Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be customized or designed to meet nearly any water application or requirement — including commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential development. Underground systems are available with storage capacities limited only by site constraints. Click on Services above for more info.

Customized systems are based on requirements established from our Project Questionnaire. Click on the Process tab (under Services above) to view, download, or print the questionnaire for your project planning.

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