Design, Construction and Consulting

Comprehensive Design Services

From laying out site harvesting strategy and conceptual design, to full Construction Documents and Construction Administration, Rainwater Recovery has you covered with innovative and state-of-the-art analysis and design techniques, to the depth and breadth of experience you need to bring the right solution to your projectevery time.

Design Peer Review and Value Engineering

Many projects come to us with partial or unworkable designsunfortunately often well into the design phaseresulting in fire drills for the design team, Rainwater, and possibly even the construction team.

Don't let this happen on your project.

Design Peer Review: Rainwater can review your progress harvesting system designs at Schematic or Design Development to make sure your designs are complete and workable before going to pricing or bidding

Value engineering: Do you or your client want harvesting but the pricing is coming back prohibitive? You likely need a second look. Give your project the benefit of our years of expertise in the harvesting and integrated stormwater management design/build spaceand make sure your design doesn't have needless costs embedded in the plans and specs.

Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)

Special systems need special expertise to make sure things go together as they should.

Benefit from our expertise gained from implementing dozens of designs and build projects to ensure that your project is implemented in accordance with your designbefore it's buried and out of sightsaving money and headaches from heading off oversight or bad practices on critical pieces or connection as the system is installed.

System Troubleshooting and Commissioning

Let's face itharvesting systems are getting a bad name: so many of them are ill-conceived, under designed or installed improperly that we estimate over 2/3 of the harvesting systems being built today in the U.S. don't function as intended, have a very short life cycle, or never actually become operational.

These systems cost too much and can have such positive benefits to let this unfortunate fate happen to your project's harvesting system.

We can help prevent the unfortunate occurrence of an inoperable or functionally deficient system through our Trouble-shooting and Commissioning services.

Don't let your system stay off-line. Call Rainwaterwe're here to help.

Research and Development

Looking to understand the ROI on your system? Find out how the installed cost of your storage form factor compares to your competitors? Need to know what energy savings is realized through your water conservation program?

Let Rainwater deliver the answers for you. With advanced modeling and analytics at our fingertips, and an unparalleled depth in the harvesting and innovative stormwater space, we can get you the answers you need. Contact us today to discover the path to uncovering your opportunities.

Consultingother Services offered by Rainwater Recovery Inc.

  1. LEED Certification Analysis and Support
  2. Expert witness and legal team support services
  3. Permitting Support
  4. Public Outreach and Educational Services Support
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