Rainwater Recovery Inc. was the brainchild of Philip C. Reidy, a geotechnical engineer with substantial consulting experience, who early on recognized the need to transition stormwater management thinking from a "concrete and culvert" approach to one that mimicked natural processes. Mr. Reidy founded Rainwater Recovery in 2004 to bring his approach to the marketplace by focusing on rainwater harvesting systems: a low impact development (LID) approach designed to optimize the collection and reuse of stormwater as a substitute for purchased or pumped water. The marketplace readily embraced the Rainwater Recovery approach, and today the firm is responsible for the design and installation of more than 100 systems that not only achieve the substitution objective but also avoid the discharge of millions of gallons of runoff to municipal stormwater/combined sewer (CS) systems.

In March 2010, Geosyntec Consultants acquired Rainwater Recovery to expand the firm's service offerings in stormwater management. Mr. Reidy joins Geosyntec's team of senior specialists in water resources management nationwide who are committed to the application of LID design principles as a superior approach to the "concrete and culvert" philosophy in protecting the nation's water resources from the impacts of stormwater flows. Mr. Reidy's particular expertise in rainwater harvesting and his experience in system design and operation offers Geosyntec's clients a new tool in meeting increasingly stringent stormwater management requirements. He also expands Geosyntec's service offerings to municipalities and regional stormwater management agencies charged with achieving flow and contaminant discharge permit compliance requirements for CSO systems.

Going forward, Rainwater Recovery will become an integral part of the Geosyntec family of specialty practices that are top tier consulting service providers in their respective fields. Operating under the Geosyntec Consultants banner, former Rainwater Recovery clients will now have access to the full suite of Geosyntec service offerings. Visit www.geosyntec.com for more information on Geosyntec's practices, including Watershed and Stormwater Management. You can aslo learn more about Geosyntec Consultants specialists in Watershed and Stormwater Management, including low impact development.

Rainwater Recovery Inc. provides engineered rainwater harvesting systems to design professionals, contractors and retail customers for a broad range of applications at virtually any scale. Backed by in-house civil, mechanical and electronics engineering expertise, Rainwater Recovery is the leader in pre-engineered packaged system products for residential, commercial, municipal and institutional water conservation and alternate water supply needs. Established in 2003, Rainwater Recovery combines engineering, logistics and project management best practices with extensive, hands-on field engineering and construction expertise to deliver optimized solutions for our customers and their clients.

The management team is led by: Philip C. Reidy, President and CEO; Stephen P. Cotugno, Vice President of Finance; and Jane Collinson Reidy, Vice President, of Office Administration.

Philip has over 20 years of engineering design, construction, and project management experience, having held management positions at a leading geotechnical consulting firm and a premier financial services firm prior to forming Rainwater Recovery, Inc. in 2003. Philip earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and an M.S. degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, and is a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Massachusetts.

Stephen has over 25 years experience in finance and operations, most recently as executive Vice President of PDI, Inc. (NASDAQ:PDII) where he completed numerous financings and acquisitions. His career has focused on operational optimization, raising capital and forming strategic relationships. Steve brings both a strategic and operational focus to Rainwater. He earned his BA in Finance from Fordham University.

Jane has managed small and large residential real estate operations in suburban Boston for much of her 25 years in the real estate business, with as many as 50 agents under her management in one dual-office manager role. She specializes in administrative operations, human resource management, sales, and contract negotiation. Jane holds a B.A. degree from Northeastern University in Boston. At their home, Phil and Jane use a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation and other watering needs.

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